03.06. Sa

The Lodge (2005) / Épicentre (2021)

Gunilla Heilborn & Mårten Nilsson / Anne Nguyen & Greg Kozo
Free admission | Film | fabrikgarten

In the short film The Lodge, Henrik invites his circle of friends to a summer house in the forest. Using different strategies, the young men and women from the big city begin to discover nature for themselves: they climb trees or knock them over, practise chopping wood or perform abstract expressive dances by the lake. An equally warm-hearted and ironic reflection on a group of big-city hipsters between a self-awareness trip and discovering nature.

In honour of the 60th anniversary of architect Fernand Pouillon's Le Parc housing estate in Paris, Anne Nguyen presented with Épicentre a film that "questions the influence of large-scale architectural settlements on human and social behaviour". Aiming to highlight the monumental and timeless qualities of the building, the choreographer asked the dancers to wear Native American headdresses…

The Lodge:
Dauer: 12 minutes

Dauer: 9 minutes

Admission free of charge

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